Practice save lives

Perhaps just as important as having a rescue plan in place is practicing the plan before a real-life rescue occurs. As a team of rescue professionals we can provided real time scenarios with our life size and weighted mannequin to test site readiness and practice rescue for your workforce.

Training scenarios and Courses have been designed with our extensive knowledge and experience of construction sites. We understand the operative capabilities, the scope of works involved in a project package and the constraints on access and restrictions and we have developed our training course accordingly. Being aware of the demands for fast, simple and effective rescue, when working at height , we have  courses specifically designed for rescue at height  in the construction industry, allowing typical site operatives to rescue conscious and unconscious casualties in under ten minutes.

WARNING!    An operative who has suffered a fall and is suspended in his harness is a true medical emergency. Just because they are hanging in a harness doesn’t mean you have all day to perform the rescue. Rescue has to be planned, practiced and performed quickly and effectively or the victim may very well die before the rescue finally occurs.

“If you’re not going to give your employees the skills to perform rescue, then you might as well not even put them in the harness at all.”